Victor "Cuqui" Berrios

Hammond B-3 Organ / Vocals

Victor "Cuqui" Berrios grew up in New York City. His love of music began in the 60's as he listened to everything from Do-Wop and Motown to the sounds of the British invasion. The first instrument Cuqui learned to play was the saxophone at the tender age of eleven. In his teens, he picked up the guitar and began to play the piano after moving to south Florida where he attended Hialeah High School and first met Billy Livesay.

Now coming full circle, Cuqui and Billy are together again. Cuqui brings a touch of the city to The Livesays with his Hammond B3 and soulful vocal sound. He also brings an undeniable and charming energy... You will never see this man on stage without a big smile on his face.

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